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In future we will be saving all our old massage chair news comments to this page - when we remember....

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9th March, 2006
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17th. Feb, 2006
eBuyer - False claims lead to a recall
Problems at Osim
What's BS5852?
Keyton Chair Pricing
Three new Sterling Silver Chairs
The Ideal Home Show - 2006
Sterling Silver Colour Choice
Special Offers - by popular demand

In October last year we were alerted to massage chairs being promoted and sold by the internet trading company eBuyer.
They were offering a range of 'Extra Value Home Massage Chairs'
Two of their chairs looked very similar to chairs in the Sterling Silver range - the Statesman and the Superb and they were being offered at a give away price.
The descriptions falsely implied that their chairs were identical to the Sterling Silver range and specifically claimed that they were fitted with the superlative SuperWave massage system.
After legal pressure eBuyer quickly modified their claims, but by clever use of 'self generated' reviews they continued to imply that their chairs were identical to those being sold by us.
We quickly traced the source of the eBuyer chairs and even warned eBuyer's solicitors that their chairs did not even comply with UK regulations. eBuyer chose to ignore our warning and continued selling them.
Believing that they had indeed bought a Sterling chair ebuyer's customers began to contact us when their complaints went unheeded by ebuyer. Fortunately one customer who threatened to report us to their local Trading Standards department actually did so!
The resulting Trading Standards investigation revealed that no tests on the chairs had been carried out in the UK by eBuyer and subsequently that the chairs had not even been built to comply with UK regulations.
Finally in August a recall of all the chairs that had been sold was ordered.
Customers should receive a refund from eBuyer soon. Fortunately eBuyer is a large company and has much deeper pockets than most of the 'fly by nights' that enter the market with cheap chairs from China. Customers of many others including the much vaunted UsaveTV were not so lucky. Two years ago, soon after a visit by Trading Standards, UsaveTV went into liquidation….

Although we don't sell Osim massage chairs we have considered their massage chairs to be one of the leading brands along with Sanyo, Sterling Silver, HTT and Keyton. During the run up to Christmas and afterwards we were contacted by a number of Osim Uk Ltd. customers unable to get the massage chairs they had paid for or a refund. Although we were aware that Osim UK Ltd had ceased to sell massage chairs at their Bristol and Bluewater stores, this was a surprise to us as Osim International Ltd. is a large and successful multinational company. Closer inspection revealed that Osim UK LTD was not owned by Osim International but was an independent UK franchise. At the time we felt safe in advising the disappointed massage chair customers, who had not paid by credit card, that we thought it unlikely that Osim International LTD would allow a UK franchise bearing their name to fail. However we noticed in March, that Osim UK LTDhas changed it's name to Indigo Retail Ltd. and felt this did not bode well for customers with outstanding orders or those requiring service under their guarantee..... We tried to obtain more information on the current position but were unable to do so. Promises that the Managing Director would contact us were not kept. On 20th April Indigo Retail Ltd. (previously Osim UK Ltd.) entered into a Voluntary arrangement with it's creditors.
In view of the clear intention to distance the Osim brand from the current problems we would not now expect to see Osim International provide support for the UK franchise and disappointed customers should not hold their breath for promises to be kept..
No matter what, Massage Chair Distributors Ltd.
will still be able to service and repair any faulty Osim massage chair.

Can you import a completely illegal massage chair and sell it in this country?
The answer is unfortunately, yes!
It takes Trading Standards twelve to eighteen months to take action and there is usually no chance of a recall - the supplier just disappears and starts again with a flash new web site. Why does it matter?
We fix all kinds of chairs, legal and illegal and we are increasingly seeing more and more very poor quality chairs that should never have been sold in the first place.
Even a one year guarantee is no use if your supplier is no longer in business!

Keyton Massage Chair Pricing
For some years now Eurokeyton, manufacturers of Keyton brand massage chairs have been politely complaining about our massage chair pricing policy. They have regularly asked us to raise our prices of their massage chairs, which we have agreed to do providing we were not then undercut by local area retailers with online shops who did not specialise in massage chairs. We felt that since we carried by far the largest stocks of Keyton massage chairs in the UK, we were entitled to price accordingly. We always had the best prices and the quickest delivery and we intended to keep it that way.
We have recently received a very silly letter from a pompous German law firm acting for Eurokeyton in Spain. The gist of the letter is that Keyton are no longer prepared to supply us with their massage chairs! Under European competition laws we believe that this refusal is simply a attempt to control prices and is therefore a serious criminal offence in the UK and Spain!
Our boss, has never been one to shy away from a fight.
If we don't have the Keyton massage chair you want in stock - there may be a little delay

The three new massage chairs added to the
Sterling Silver range

The new Sterling Silver range introduced at Christmas is proving a very big hit. Voted the best massage chair by independent experts, the range has been
selling well
Sensor Symphony......... New Sensation................ Statesman

Although the new Silver range is more expensive than similar Sterling chairs, we have not had a single faulty chair to date! The new Silver range is clearly going to be the massage chair to beat.

We have already seen some cheap copies of these Sterling chairs being offered to the UK market. Be aware, if they don't have the Sterling badge they are definitely NOT 'the same'. There is a very high chance that they will not comply with the required British Standard BS5852 and selling them is a serious criminal offence

The Ideal Home Show
If you want to know what all the fuss is about you can always visit the Ideal Home Show - we are sure that on this occasion Teme Valley Beds Ltd. who are the first to display the new Sterling Silver Range on Stand 1F51 will not mind us giving them a plug. HTT, Keyton and Osim are also at the show, so you can make up your own mind.

Sterling Silver Colour choice
More Sterling Silver chairs are due in soon but we now only have black, ivory, beige, dark brown and a few dark red chairs in stock. If you can wait about ten or twelve weeks Sterling will build a chair to match your upholstery at no additional cost. We even have two leopard skin (Faux we understand) Symphony chairs being made to match seating in a home cinema .You may know who from your Sunday papers, but we daren't say.....

SPECIAL OFFERS - £100 of daily
We are returning to our very popular practice of reducing the price of our daily special offer by £100 for every day that the special offer isn't sold. There have been some real bargains so keep an eye on these offers if you don't want to miss out. You can also place a reserve price on these special offers. If your reserve price is reached the chair will be yours.


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